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Overwhelmed? Frustrated with Your Progress? Here's How to Move the Needle 
on Your Most Important Goals
Don't give up on your dream.Get better at achieving it. 
If you've ever found yourself setting the same goal month after month, year after year, making only a little progress each time before your motivation sputters out, you're likely making one of these three mistakes:
     1. You're fooling yourself about what you really want to achieve
     2. You're wasting time on activities that don't move you forward
     3. You're over-relying on discipline and willpower

The Move the Needle accountability program isn't about doing more, it's about doing the right things consistently so you can live a life that's challenging, meaningful, and sustainable.
How to Achieve Massive Success (Without Driving Yourself Into the Ground)
The key to truly remarkable success is to focus your time and attention on the activities that really matter. Too many of us get lost in busy work or other people's priorities. The Move the Needle Accountability Program does more than simply manipulate your motivation to stay the course (although it does that too). Move the Needle is all about forcing you to take a step back, ask yourself some tough questions, and get a lot more strategic in your goal setting than you ever have before. It's the decision that makes a thousand future decisions easier, because you don't second-guess yourself or try to do it all. Here's how the program works.
Ask The Right Questions
Not all goals are created equal. At the start of the program, you'll receive a workbook that will help ensure you have the right goals ... and the right strategies to accomplish them. 
Make a Commitment
Every week, you'll commit to a series of tasks that have the greatest ability to "move the needle" on your goals. Your coach will help ensure you're not setting the bar too high or too low, but working on the highest impact tasks to accomplish your goals.
Mark It As Done
Your coach will employ a variety of personally crafted motivation techniques to hold your feet to the fire, so you see steady progress, week after week. As your success builds, so too will your confidence and motivation. 
"When I look back on where I was when I started, compared to where I am now, I'm amazed at how much progress I've made. The Move the Needle accountability program is where procrastination goes to die!"
Clare knew she wanted to become a full-time entrepreneur, but procrastinated on the start-up process due to low energy after work. 
After a few tries, we found a strategy that pushed her to get her business up and running in under a month.
Do what matters. Enjoy the rewards.
Your willpower occasionally fails you. Your accountability program never does.
"By focusing on self care and intentionally setting weekly goals for play and relaxation for the first half of my time in the accountability program, I made the space and energy within myself to be ready for career change exploration. I now feel more confident setting reasonable sized goals and am less afraid to push myself in new directions."
When Clark started the Move the Needle program, he was burned out and had lost his zest for new ideas and opportunities. 
We crafted a self-care program that helped him savor the moment while simultaneously feeling excited about the future again.
Frequently Asked Questions

I'm already a high achiever. What will this program do for me?

High achievers generally take on too much. They're performing, yes, but often at great cost to their health, relationships, or well-being. This program will help you avoid the bright shiny object syndrome and design just the right amount of challenge into your selected goals.

Can't I just use my friends and family to hold me accountable?

For the first week or so, sure. But holding someone accountable is hard work. Chances are, your friends and family have other priorities and things taking up their attention. We, on the other hand, are just focused on you and your goals.

Are the accountability emails personalized?

Yes! Although the accountability emails essentially ask the same thing each week--what did you accomplish this week and what would you like to accomplish next week--the specific email will be personalized to you and your goals. You'll also get feedback from your coach as you go, helping you refine your goals and strategies, as well as providing a good kick in the pants as needed.

I'm already maxed out. Will this program take a lot of time?

Other than the initial worksheet, which might take a couple of hours to complete, this program shouldn't take more than about 5 minutes per week. More importantly, it should SAVE you time, because it will help you eliminate distractions and time-wasters.

There are other apps I can use that provide accountability. How is this program different?

First, it comes with a workbook that forces you to think through your goals, your strategies for accomplishing those goals, and then the weekly tasks that naturally fall out from that process. PLUS, you'll have a coach giving you personal feedback to ensure you're spending your time on the right stuff and who has multiple psychological tricks for keeping you on track. Let's see an app do that. 

I'm nervous about investing in another program. What if I don't like it?

Taking the time to work through the goals and strategy worksheet is worth way more than the first month's investment. Then you have 4 weeks of accountability to put that plan into action. If you still don't see the value after that, you may cancel at any time.

Start moving the needle for just $99/mo
Your willpower occasionally fails you. Your accountability program never does.
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